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From Order to Door

1. 在網站內建立訂單 Place Order from this website.
2. 你將在24-48小時內收到我們的確認,其中包含確認的訂單, 大概送貨日期和付款方式. You will get a confirmation from us within 24-48 hours, with the confirmed list of order and estimated delivery date and method of payment.
3. 送貨前1-2天你將收到我們和你確認送貨日期, 時間和總金額. You will get a confirmation from us 1-2 days before your delivery date with your confirmed list of order, time of delivery and total amount due.
3. 我們將把食物送到你家 We will deliver the food to your door.

Delivery Area

訂購[CAD$95]或以上『萬錦及烈治文山市』免費三至五天送貨上門或定點提貨🚚。 (送貨交收嚴格保持安全社交距離😷。Free Delivery/Pick up for orders over $95 in Markham and Richmond Hill area, or designated pick-up location 🚚 thank you! 🙇🏻‍♂️

🆕《March 28th Update》
🚚Delivery area now expands to North York, Scarborough, Missasauga and surrounding areas.



安全交收:非接觸式交付及送貨確保安全。Contact-less delivery to ensure safe social distancing.
食物安全: 供應商受衛生局驗正。Food safety – supplier receives regular inspection by public health department
煮/翻熱時請煮/翻熱至食物內部達到攝氏74度。 When cooking/reheating your food, please heat until internal temperature reaches 74 degree Celsius.

*食物中可能含有微量的花生和/或味精 Food might contain traces of peanuts, and/or MSG.


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